Choosing the Perfect Marble Candle Holder for Your Interior Style

Minis Nero Marquina Marble Candle Holder Set of 9

Previously candles were used to light your living spaces, but with innovation, many more resources are available to light your space, and the use of candles needs to be updated. Still, now the candle has entered the world of decoration. 

The candles are the most essential part of room decoration, a sign of romance, and are known to make the environment beautiful. But when decorating a home or room with candles, it is crucial to choose the right holder to add sophistication to your candle decoration.

In addition, if you are also looking to find the right candle holder, we have something special for all of them. Here we have prepared a guide for choosing the perfect marble candle holder for your interior style.

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Tips To Choose The Right Marble Candle Holder

Look for a holder with a modern touch.

Putting your hand on the candle with clean lines and simple forms is essential for the modern look. There are different types of candle holders made from various materials, but choosing the right one is your responsibility in all cases. The candle holders made from glass and iron work great in contemporary and industrial looks. On the other hand, dark glass candle holders are an excellent choice for a modern and sleek style.

Our suggestion: Look for one large candlestick holder in a bright accent colour for the modern setting. This works great as a centrepiece or combines a matching set of three in various heights.

Consider The Candle Type

To keep your candle lighting for a long time, it is crucial to choose the right candle holder according to the type of candle. The specific candle holder is made to hold a particular type of candle, like dinner candles, and taper candles are tall with a thin or small base, so to fit them completely, it is required to have the correct taper candle holder.

Size Of The Candle

The perfect fitting candle holder is something that every wishes to have while decorating a room or house. But you can’t find the perfect size candle holder without knowing the exact size of your candle. For example, putting a loose and ill-fitting candle looks unappealing and unsafe because the candles will tip to one side, causing the candle to burn unevenly.

Check For Color And Material

When buying the candle holder, it is mandatory to consider the material of the candle. The marble candle holders are great to keep your candle lighting for a long time and also give a look of sophistication to your room or home decoration. In addition, the colour of the candle holder also says a lot of about personal style and choice. If you want something that will blend in with your décor, then it is better to go for a holder of neutral colors like white or black. If you want to do something unique, then we recommend you go for a bolder color like orange or blue.

Style And Shape

The candle’s style and shape depend entirely on your candle’s type. If you have tealight candles, round holders will be the right choice for you. Similarly, the pillar candle will look great in more ornate and tall holders.

Best Candle Holders

Lora Candle Holder (Black)

Are you looking for a perfect candle holder? Then buy the Lora candle holder, the best one for all candle lovers. The material used in this candle holder makes it stand out from others. It is created from natural marble and metal. Easy to clean and use, just wipe it with a clean and soft cloth. The candle also comes with some exceptional accessories, including a scented candle, electric lighter, snuffer wick, and wick cutter.  So don’t anymore; add this candle holder to your cart right now.

Maha (Vietnam White Marble) Candle Holder Large

The larger the candle is, the larger holder needs to be fitted completely and easily. So, for large candles, our Maha candle holder will be the right choice for your decoration. It is a great choice for large candles; it is more than just a holder, just because it comes with a lot of accessories, including a scented tapper candle 9 pieces, an electric lighter, a snuffer wick, and a wicked cutter. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing candle holder right now before it’s too late.

Minis (Grey Wood Marble) Candle Holder (Set of 9)

Do you want a small, cute candle holder for your small candle, then this one is definitely added for you to our list of candle holders. Pick this up for your small candle and make your candle extra attractive. It will add a touch of sophistication to your candle and make your room decoration extra attractive. It also comes with some added accessories like a scented tapper candle 9 pieces, an electric lighter, a snuffer wick and a wick cutter. Make this great piece the part of your decoration, available at pocket-friendly prices.

Wrap Up

Add some more light to your home and life with our candles and candle holders. A candle holder is great for making your candle look more attractive. So, for you here, we have created a guide on choosing the right candle holder and some of our suggestions for both large and small candles. Let’s dive into this post and find out the secret to the best candle holder. In addition, for the best candle holder, we recommend you to visit Layers, the great spot to get all the best candle holders under one roof.